leaves set in a v with two long leaves on each side, one yellowish green, the other green; VISION LANDSCAPE SERVICES over it



Who are Vision Landscape Services’ clients? As a full-service, professional landscaping company with offices in Branchburg and Flemington, we are proud to serve residential and commercial clients, as well as public works contracts, throughout New Jersey’s Hunterdon, Morris, Ocean, Somerset, and Union counties.

We take the responsibility of caring for their property – and yours – seriously. Below are examples of some of the types of properties we service.

apartment building, 3 stories high, with beautifully landscape lawn with trees and shrubs


Landscape design and grounds maintenance for apartment complexes and other housing communities, including townhomes, condos, single-family subdivisions, and senior living facitities, are as much about safety as they are about aesthetic appeal. Property managers and HOAs are among Vision Landscape Services’ clients. We work with them to plan and maintain landscapes that are both welcoming and safe. Cleared pathways, trimmed shrubs, groomed lawns are all part of Vision Landscape’s grounds maintenance services. In winter months, Vision Landscape’s snow removal and ice management services ensure that parking areas and pathways are safe for tenants and visitors alike.

Commercial Properties

When it comes to commercial properties, the facilities manager juggles a multitude of responsibilities, all aimed at keeping operations running smoothly. It is expected that tasks delegated to outside vendors be completed with little intervention. Vision Landscape Services’ reputation for top-quality workmanship and dependabilty is what every facilities manager looks for in a landscaping contractor.

commercial building with flowering plants and trees with a plush lawn - commercial properties
Aerial view of school ballfield representing public works projects by Vision Landscape Services


Through pubic works contracts, Vision Landscape Services provides landscape and excavation services to local, state and federal agencies, including the DOT. Through these contracts, we plan, build and maintain parks and recreational areas, like the school ballfield pictured here, as well as roadways and other open areas for the safety and enjoyment of the community.


A beautifully designed, well-maintained landscape is a welcoming sight for any homeowner at the end of a long day. Vision Landscape Services works with homeowners to bring their visions for their landscapes to life. By combining the right mix of softscape and hardscape details, Vision Landscape will transform your exterior space into an extension of your living area. The result – a space for you to enjoy with family and friends and one that will increase your home’s curb appeal.

luxury home with manicured law and shrubs - Vision Landscape Services